Software Development and Outsourcing

Reliable development team and outsourcing of additional engineers for Software Development Services

Software outsourcing is an effective alternative to consider. Due to our expertise in software development and outsourcing, we redefined our approach by Fine-tuning outsourcing to minimize cost and to increase the development performance of our delivery models.

Why you should choose us:

  • 5 years old company
  • The management has over 70 years of combined experience
  • Several completed projects
  • Listed and medium companies
  • 80+ experts and intermediary developers
  • On budget and timely completion
  • Hands on responsive teams
  • Our servers or your servers
  • Developers average an age of 30 years old
  • Management Bucharest and Johannesburg

Our dynamic sales models enable all companies to aspire to the desired software at affordable prices, no matter the scale or scope of the work. Development for us isn’t just about money. We strive to push the standards to a greater level and deliver excellence in every venture we set forth on.

Locations Development and outsourcing

Current Clients: Luxemburg, SA, USA, UK

Outsourcing: Romania and South Africa

QA and testing: India, Romania, South Africa

Development and management: Romania and South Africa

Outsourcing On Demand Models

Outsourcing is the process of hiring third party developers managed by your staff or our company and working full time, part time or task assignments.

Developers augmentation Allocate expert developers to your in-house teams and projects

Hire dedicated team working full time on your project, supervised by a project manager, hands on supervision, tasks, resources and reporting.

Full process outsourcing Entire development cycle from settings and timelines to workflow, resources, development, deployment, testing and risk

Flexible hiring Flexible engagement models to suit your business and financial needs. Fixed price, hybrid, retainer agreements, etc.

Navidev outsourcing benefits

  • One contact point
  • Incremental development
  • Permanent involvement
  • Expert smaller teams
  • Transfer of knowledge
  • QA testing
  • Robust architecture
  • Results driven approach


NAVI development process

1.Concept 2.Research 3.Specification 4.Design 5.Development
6.Testing 7.User manuals 8.Deployment 9.Maintenance 10.New features

Problem solving

We at Navidev have the expertise to identify critial issues before they your sytem

Development cycles, skills to expedite the development time

Decrease software development cost and stay relevant with clean development and solutions

Maintenance, reduced cost and optimized architecture and support

Proper planning is the key to short and sweet meetings and stand ups

Proper communication, stay updated during development through reports and direct chat with the project managers

Language is not an issue, we are native or proficient english speakers + a second language


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