Team Organization and Team extension

Long term engagements

We build fully dedicated teams for the client’s projects. Function of our level involvement we offer two options:

  1. Dedicated team - we are involved in full cycle, turnkey, long term planning and development.
  2. Unstructured dedicated team - the client manages a-z the team while in direct contact with us.
  3. Single developer or group for on site assignments, managed by the client.


  • Skilled developers, proper attitude
  • Capacity to scale
  • Know-how kept within the team
  • Know-how transfer and training

Project Outsourcing

Suitable for custom software development projects for a fixed price. We provide the team and planning.


  • Piece of mind, execution and delivery
  • Flexibility

Hybrid engagement

The dedicated teams are complemented by additional workforce assigned to specific segments of the main project. Take care of temporary needs speeding up the development.

Effort, time and materials

We employ this form of engagement when the effort cannot be properly estimated or when the scope of the work may change during development. The billing is based on the total effort reported by the development team or individual and will be submitted to the client monthly.

Fixed price

Suitable for development in phases.

Clearly stipulate what must be delivered, when and the cost. Also known as on-time, on-budget, it is effective when the scope and specifications of the development are clearly defined and will not change.

Engagement function of location

  1. Nearshore or offshore
  2. On clients' site

Nearshore or offshore

Normally we engage in nearshore or offshore when our teams are connected remotely with the clients' teams.


  • Resource savings
  • Flexibility
  • Fast allocation of resources

At client's offices

For complex projects, the team or a part of the team members travel to the client. On-site presence may be needed when deep knowledge can only be transfered on site or during the planning.

We are also cool...

Our principled outsourcing approach

Our hands on engagement strategy implies hands on development NOT JUST personnel offerings specifically handled by the placement agencies. When necessary we bring our in-house additional resources to fix critical issues, because we know very well that for our clients, time is money.


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